Hey, I'm Christina!

5 years ago I embarked on my own life transformation. For me, it started with necessity rather than want as I was in the depths of an all consuming eating disorder, but boy am I grateful for that necessity as it quite literally launched me into the world of self development.

I discovered...

  • If you take care and nurture yourself over punishing yourself, you can achieve so much more happiness and fulfilment whilst achieving your goals, QUICKER.
  • Making small habitual changes really is the key to transformation.
  • That if you follow the joy, great things happen and opportunities literally fall into your lap.

And my transformation really is quite remarkable. Upon leaving my treatment centre after 8 months of intense self development work, I vowed to nurture myself every day, take everything step by step, FOLLOW THE JOY, and I still can't believe what has happened since...

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When I followed my joy for dance... I found an adult Street Dance class and started attending once a week. One hour a week, turned into 2, turned into 7, and before long I was invited to join a professional dance company and tour the UK with them (twice)! I've now performed at the O2 Arena in London 17 times which I still can't wrap my head around!

When I followed my joy for music... I took poetry I had written in a creative therapy group as part of my treatment and turned it into music. One song turned into 10, and I haven't stopped since. I've won nationwide competitions, had radio plays (including BBC Introducing), over 100K streams on Spotify, been backing vocalist for artists including Kylie Minogue, Steps, & my favourite, the Muppets. I get paid to sing... say whaaaat?!

But what all of these opportunities taught me was, although it's amazing to feel acknowledged and recognised and celebrated, there is SO much more to life. I wanted more financial abundance, flexibility in my day, to be in charge of my own schedule and to eliminate any stress from my life. And that's when I started following my joy for self development...

As we grow and evolve, we find out what we like, and what we don't like. I didn't like working for someone else to realise their dreams whilst neglecting my own so, when lockdown left me without any contracts or freelance work, that was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I shoo-d away imposter syndrome and decided to start sharing my knowledge and life experience to help others live their truest potential. I instantly fell in love with guiding others and knew that everything I had experienced up until this point was leading me to this calling, and now I want to help you do the same!

Honestly I was in awe, Christina had crafted such a brilliant balance between facilitating, coaching but also self disclosing some of her experiences when appropriate. For me, that is a good sign when those who are supporting you know when and how to share. I also found Christina's ability to keep momentum going, time keeping and knowing when to move from one person to another without anyone feeling left behind incredible.

— Char B.

Here's me getting lost but always finding my way...

Christina has a beautiful soul and creates a loving space for everyone to share and discuss without judgement, which makes the course something to look forward to every week. She is so well informed and has meticulously devised her knowledge into understandable bite size chunks and offers wonderfully fresh perspective on behaviour change.

— Mimi S.

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